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Welcome to My Biker's HomePad

Sit down and take a load off.This site is dedicated to the cartoon "Biker Mice from Mars". I will always try to update this page often, So nothing will ever stay the same, So pleaselook for my updated things and pages.

News from my other webpageMy Mondo Cafe' that i often change has been successfully updated. It now has a Bio Page, Soplease look for the URL leading twarde it.And my "Far Out Hang Out" is not longer in use. And as for my Modo Cafe', It has impoved drasticlly... So, Go and check it out. And please while you are there sign my guestbook. ?:0)

Please read this:Everything on pages will be noted, So if you have any questions,comments,complaines,ideas,ect....Please let me know by e-mailing me. I will alwaysanswer letters back letting whom e-mailed me thati got their letter and that i have noted therecomments,complaints,ect....... And if none of my links from my links page or from anywhere, Please let me know so i can fix it ASAP!

A quick look into the FutureI will be working on a Fan Fiction page and a Far Art page. The Fan art maynot be mine, But i will put up Fan fiction along with others of great writers, But first i have to go through asking permission. Please hang in there,I will update everthing telling more in detail. And one more thing...... If the new WebRing has not show up yet, Please e-mail me and let me know. and i think i will add a poll page,webring page and more. Now about the contest page......Well, I have not decided yet.
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Throttle and Carbine will be your tour guides
This is where you can begin to browse around and check out my links,photos, new webring, and more.

Message Board
Maybe this is a good time to be detailed,Huh?So, That is why i just added a brand new message board. Please go there and leave me messages.I promise i will get back to anyone who message me,But that is not the total reson i got this message board.....I got it so people can communitcate with each other, So if you run into a message written by someone, Please feel free to message them and me.
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