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Importment imformation
I do not own the Biker Mice from Mars.I am using there characters without their permission, However i do own the characters i have made up.(They will by introduced shortly).So, If any of the directors or producers read this Please do not sue me. I am a young girl with way to much time on my hands. I honestlly can say to anyone whom reading this importment imfo that i mean no harm whatsoever. I have been wanting to build a Biker Mice from Mars dedication page for awhile now, But when i get one up it is on the frites, Si decided to make another one. I hope that whoever reads this understands what i am saying. Thank you for you time, Sincerly, "The WebMaster"

  Character's that belong to meRacer Reveup,Megan Reveup,Sonja,Shashane,Skyler McMouce,Carmine Mouce,Maceian RoundFire. Please ask for my permission before useing them.Thank you

The Badest Bikers
  Characters that do not belong to me:Throttle,Modo,Vinnie,Harley,Carbine,Charley,Rimfire, Limberger,Mace,Stilton,Nepolion Bree,(That Plutarkian....i for got his name),GreesePit,Karbunkle,Freddy the Mutant,Limberger's Goons,ect.......

Harley-Stoker and Vinnie
  The OriginalsThrottle,Vinnie,Modo,Harley,Charley,Carbine,Rimfire,Limberger,Karbunkle,GreacePit,Stilton,And all the others from the origional show.