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Profiles (page 1)
If you want to know about the character on the Biker Mice from Mars show, Then this is a good place to look.

This page is brand new, So if you see the "Under Construction" sign, Please pardon the unfinishedsections. (Note: On Carbine, Stoker, Throttle and Rimfire's last names i made, Because they did not have last names).

Throttle Mouse
Full name: Throttle Mouse Age: 25 Parents: Unknown Married: No, But got a girlfriend Siblings: Unknown History: Throttle Frankcus Mouse was born on Mars. October 20, 1975. No one knows how many siblings he has, But then again no one has even mentioned his life as a child. He is currently the Leader of the Biker Mice. His cunning, swift thinking, Leadership and knowledge had givin' him the title of leader. Through the years he was trained to sucseed as Stoker's successer. Now, He is currently on Earth defending the people of "Shy Town" from the invashion on the Plutarkians.
Modo Mavrick
Name: Modo Mavrick Age: 29 Parents: Father is unknown, But he mothers name is Rose. Siblings: I sister Married: Was, But not anymore. (Big question marks on that). History: Modo Richard Mavrick was born on Mars, On March 31, 1971. Hw is the massive bron of the trio. He imtimadingness is only skin deep.... For this mouse a 100% gentlemen/mouse. During the war he got that bionic arm of his, Because of the freak accident that happened. His eyes is also the result of it. Now, He is on Earth defending the people of Earth.
Vincent "Vinnie" VanWham
Charleen "Charley" Davidson
Stoker Gates
Carbine MouseKinkes
Name:Carbine Mousekinks Age: 25 Parents: Unknown Siblings: 1 brother, 1 twin sister and an old sis Married: No, But gots a boyfriend History: Carbine Annie Maria Mousekinks was born on Mars on September 12, 1975. Prior to her army history, She somehow managed to become a Freedon Fighter. Soon after that shw was promoted to General by the army, So now she has to positions. A little prideful, Bossy, Smart and her skills are amoung the best on Mars. She fights hard what she believes in, And now that "The Garden Of Hope" is a place if rare plants,ect.. Now she is working extra hard to maintain the graden.
Rimfire Willings